Grupo Harinas | 117 años nutriendo a México

Grupo Harinas is a 100% Mexican company with more than 117 years in the market, it is a flour Group located in the North of the country, it has extensive facilities, several flour mills and production plants, in addition to having an endless number of product brands being most of them leaders in each Region. It has several product categories: Wheat Flour, Soup Pasta, Cereals, Cookies, Cattle Food and Pet Food, as well as the most important Ferro Port in the North of the Country. Its main objective is to satisfy consumer needs in terms of quality, price and product placement, always seeking the social and environmental well-being of the surrounding environment. One of its main strengths is the alliance with the main clients and suppliers of the country, thanks to the loyalty and trust that each of them has towards the Group, day by day it strengthens its brands and its products, which gives strength to the company; that together with the commitment and dedication of its people make Grupo Harinas one of the best companies in the North of the country, consolidating its image and presence in the market it participates.

Born in 1900 as "Flour Mill" and thanks to the leadership of its people and its great vision for the future, it goes from being made up only of Regional mills in the State of Chihuahua to forming one of the most solid groups in the field flour maker, incorporating new mills and important plants in the northern region of the country. In 1986, the company was acquired by Don Isaac Saba, owner of one of the most important pharmaceutical groups in the country and with this, the Group took a different vision, new and modern equipment was acquired for the development of different business lines, ventures in new schemes for the purchase of wheat and strong commercial alliances are made with leading clients in their markets nationwide; in this way, the following companies join this productive force: Molinera LRB in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua; Sabamex in Chihuahua, Chihuahua; Lázaro Cárdenas Flour Mill in Meoqui, Chihuahua; Harinera de la Laguna Company in Torreón Coahuila; Molisaba Pasta Plant in Monterrey, Nuevo León; and more recently the MACMA Marketing Company and Molienda Xtra in the Center of the Country. With these great alliances, it manages to position itself in each of the participating regions and the dream of all those who make up Grupo Harinas begins to crystallize. Little by little, its vision of growth is increasing and it begins to venture into new categories that allow the Group to have a better position. Among the Group's brands we find El Globo, Giralda, Aldeana, Elefante Blanco, Balanza, Great Baker, Anaya, Escudo Anaya, Fior Di Pasta, Trentino, Fontanella, Molisaba, Macma, Top Dog, Top Cat, and Sabamex in their different presentations of cattle feed, among many other National and Export brands, each one of them plays an important role in each of the categories that participates, its recognition in the market has been thanks to the work of its people who search every day improve quality to offer its customers and consumers the best product and at the best prices

Grupo Harinas forms a great family, whose sole objective is to satisfy consumer needs through quality products, values ​​of its people, philosophy of the Company and vision of growth.







Make our clients and consumers satisfied allies with quality food products, elaborated in technologically modern processes by a human team with a competitive culture, creating and permanently improving economic and social value for stakeholders.


Make our clients and consumers satisfied allies with quality food products, elaborated in technologically modern processes by a human team with a competitive culture, creating and permanently improving economic and social value for stakeholders.


Honesty. - Act with rectitude, integrity and good use of resources.

I respect. - I deal with empathy and fairness with good manners and manners.

Commitment. - Put into action our ability to carry out everything that has been entrusted to us or agreed.

Integration. - Organized people working as a team on common purposes and objectives.

Quality. - Get it right the first time.

Innovation. - Creativity to improve products, processes and services.

Loyalty. - Faithful to principles, people and institutions.

Gratitude. - Match the trust, opportunities and benefits received with good will.


GRUPO HARINAS is committed to satisfying the needs of its customers through its quality and innocuous processes and products, operating their safety and health, minimizing the impact on the environment; with trained personnel, aligning the goals and objectives of Grupo Harinas with support in the Integral management system that includes:

- QUALITY. It is achieved through compliance with the norms and standards required and / or defined by our markets and clients; defined in the quality plans and work on the continuous improvement of the processes.
- SAFETY. Achieved through management systems, implementation in our processes and supported by defined standards for the prevention of risks to the health of our customers and consumers.
- ENVIRONMENTAL. It is achieved with the participation and an attitude among the collaborators of the organization, with actions defined in the integral management system for the minimization of environmental impact, sustainability and proper use of natural resources in favor of society as a whole.
- SECURITY. It is achieved through the application of management systems, safe working methods and defined standards for the preservation of people's safety and avoiding damage to the infrastructure of the company's processes.



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